Since the introduction of the Corporate Governance Code issued by Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA) in January 2009, Ezdan Holding Group has acted in full compliance with all applicable code provisions thereof.

The continuous improvement of corporate governance standards and ongoing revision of compliance best practice are at the core of our management objectives. Therefore, we strive at all time in furtherance of good corporate governance practices to constantly review, improve and strengthen corporate governance practices across the entire Group operations, which we believe would fundamentally guarantee our success in attaining our objectives of earning the trust of our shareholders and all other stakeholders, as well as establishing best management practices that are based on principles of accountability and responsibility and founded on principles of integrity and transparency.

The Group devotes exceptional attention and care to corporate governance principles relating to the requirements of disclosures and transparency that guarantee the protection of the rights of all groups of shareholders, ensure fair treatment in the rights and obligations between all shareholders, preserve respect for moral values ​​and legal behaviors in conducting business activities that will maintain long term productivity growth and maximize shareholder value.

To this end, the Board has developed its own Corporate Governance Code which the Group Board ensures to review and update constantly against all relevant legal and regulatory requirements regarding professional conduct rules and corporate governance, in particular against QFMA’s directives on corporate governance applicable to companies subject to the authority of the QFMA. Accordingly, the group is committed to the issuance of a yearly Corporate Governance Report in which it sets forth our professional conduct rules and the Group’s corporate values and other internal policies and procedures that are binding upon the members of the Board of Directors and the Groups staff as well as the Group’s advisors. The report compiles with the report model set out in the corporate governance code issued by QFMA.

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