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Ezdan Real Estate

Ezdan Holding Group owns huge real estate projects in different parts of the state in a variety of sectors. These projects are managed by Ezdan Real Estate Company, which operates under the Group in different areas in the country. Ezdan Holding Group is strongly competing in the real estate sector through the creation and provision of outstanding real estate units.

Ezdan Holding Group owns more than 29,000 diverse real estate units, in Doha and other vital locations like Al wakrah, which are run by Ezdan Real Estate Company. In this regard, the company provides many services to its dwellers:

Residential Villages

Ezdan Real Estate Company is known for its pioneer role in the property development and investment field, noting that it manages about 15,200 housing units mainly in Al Wakra an Al Wukair, distributed over 26 residential villages, ranging from villas and apartments.

Ezdan Villages in Al Wakrah and Al Wukair became a haven for thousands of home seekers wishing to obtain a quiet and distinctive residential unit. The units are fully furnished and priced economically so that a large segment of middle-income people can afford them. Ezdan Real EstateCompany is expanded to vital regions in Doha, where the company has more than 3,600 residential units spread over about 17 residential compounds and buildings in distinct and privileged areas at competitive prices.

Ezdan Oasis

Ezdan Oasis is the largest real estate project in the history of Ezdan Holding Group. It spreads over an area of about one million square meters in Al-Wukair area, which gained it the nickname of the land of the million or the one million project amongst real estate market professionals.

Total Units: About 9,350 units ranging between residential and commercial. The most distinctive aspect of the project is its 577 commercial outlets of from 60 to 104 square meters area, featuring restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, shops, bakeries, laundries and others.

Accommodation capacity; More than 35,000 individuals

The Oasis is an eco-friendly project, green areas amount to 35% of the total surface of the Oasis.

Al Rayyan Towers

Ezdan Holding Group has launched Al Rayyan Towers in the heart of Doha near Souq Waqif, at the Corniche area during the last quarter of 2013. The project includes eight towers containing around 920 apartments on an area of 150,000 square meter. Al Rayyan Towers project is located in a very privileged area close to Souq Waqif, with a distinct view of Doha Corniche, which provides a great deal of comfort to all tenants, in addition to the fact that the towers is on the main street of the vital area as well as commercial complexes in the country.

Al Shamal Compound

Ezdan Holding Group has officially opened Al Shamal Compound in February 2014, located on al Shamal Road. The compound boasts a prime location on Al Shamal Road, which is considered as the liveliest street in Doha. The projects spreads over an area of approx.. 115,000 square meter. It encompasses around 400 units of different spaces. It features restaurants, swimming pool, Gym and Spa as well as a nursery etc..

Hospitality sector

Ezdan Holding Group is regarded as one of the largest investors in the tourism sector and a major factor effectively contributing to the revitalization of this sector through large-scale projects, most notably Ezdan Hotels, Ezdan Palace and The Curve.

Ezdan Hotel Dafna (West Bay)

Ezdan Hotels and suites enjoy a privileged location and excellent experience in the tourism and hospitality sector. Ezdan Hotel and Suites is one of the largest hotels that provide a variety of well-being services. These features enable Ezdan Hotel to receive the largest possible number of visitors at the same time with a capacity of up to 3,000 rooms and suites.

Ezdan Palace Hotel

Ezdan Holding Group is preparing for the opening of a new high standing hotel in a very distinct site and the first of its kind in an outstanding location on Al Shamal Road.The hotel enjoys a privileged location on the way to Doha International Airport; Convention Center. It boasts of 195 rooms and suites, offering a wide range of high level of services, which makes it a quantum leap in the tourism sector in the country.

Curve Hotel (West Bay)

As the name implies is based on the hotel’s structure that follows the curvature of the Corniche, Doha’s famous shoreline. The architecture allows its’ guests to have the best view of West Bay all the way to the Museum of Islamic Art. This is the place to embrace the city. The hotel boasts 600 Hotel apartments.

Malls sector

Ezdan Mall Gharafa

To diversify its investments and to provide a qualitative addition to the country’s economy, Ezdan Holding Group decided to make a strong entry into the markets and malls segment through the Ezdan Mall Gharafa opened in April 2013. The Mall, developed by the Ezdan Mall Company, is well-aligned to the Group’s goals and strategy. Located in a very strategic geographic and commercial hotspot in the Gharafa area, the Mall is surrounded by other shopping centers, a hypermarket and several vital facilities that attract at least 50,000 visitors every day.

Ezdan Mall Al Wakrah

Ezdan Mall Al Wakrah is located in front of Al Wakrah Hospital in Al Wakra City, noting that the new mall will be the first of its kind in the city which is witnessing an increasing population, resulting in sizeable turnouts at Ezdan residential villages launched in Al Wakra and Al Wukair areas. The Mall was built on an area of more than 75.6 thousand square meters.

Ezdan Mall Al Wukair

‘Ezdan Mall Al Wukair’ in Al Wukair area is regarded as one of a series of Ezdan Holding Group’s ambitious projects in one of the new sectors of its activities.

Ezdan Mall Al Wukair consists of eleven two-storey buildings. The Mall includes further facilities like shops, offices and clinics among others. In addition, there are 510 parking lots, noting that the total area of the building is up to 31,900 square meters, while the total area of the land is 53,400 square meters.