Ezdan Real Estate takes strict preventive measures against COVID-19 outbreak at leasing offices

 As part of its corporate social responsibility and in consolidation of efforts made by Qatar to contain Corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak, Ezdan Real Estate Company proceeded with taking  precautionary measures across its facilities and service offices, where it applied a set of measures in all leasing offices. The company announced its keenness to ensure the health and safety of all its customers and employees. Ezdan Real Estate is also concerned with observing the safe distancing among visiting customers, where it decided to deny access to the leasing offices  without wearing masks and gloves. The company also provides all employees with sanitizers necessary to maintain their safety throughout the working hours.

For his part, Sheikh Abdullah bin Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani, Vice Chairman of the Ezdan Holding Group, said: "Ezdan is firmly observing  all procedures and guidelines issued by the state to curb the spread of the Corona virus (COVID 19), and works attentively to implement all measures in all its subsidiaries. The Group had decided earlier to prove commitment to the declared official working times and limiting the number of attending employees, as well as running  sterilization and sanitization on regular basis on all parts of the premises, observing wearing masks, gloves and other procedures, as this is a crucial stage that threatens society, and adhering to instructions contributes to mitigating the severity of this pandemic. "
His Excellency stressed the importance of cooperation among all parties and individuals in the success of efforts to overcome this epidemic, and to break the chain of infection, noting that the company is keen to contribute to all efforts that serve the community and provide a safe environment for all its members, as Ezdan Real Estate had launched earlier a sanitization drive across its facilities, in cooperation with the Municipality of Al-Wakra, which included cleaning roads and buildings.
His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah expressed his confidence in the ability of the competent authorities to overcome this pandemic, appealing to all community members to adhere to the instructions declared by the state to preserve the public health, including home quarantine and limiting going out for the common well.
It is worth noting that Ezdan Real Estate Company launched in the beginning of the year 2020 an integrated plan to develop leasing services in its villages, which included increasing the number of leasing offices to 19, operating under the umbrella of “Sakin” central offices, these offices include 4 offices to serve Doha buildings, and 15 offices to serve Al Wakrah and Al Wukair’s villages, while preparations are underway to open a number of other offices during the forthcoming period.
Ezdan leasing offices in Doha are in the Musheireb region, Gharrafa and Duhail, Umm Ghuwailina, and finally bin Mahmoud, and in the city of Al Wakrah seven offices were distributed among the northern zone and the southern zone includes six leasing offices, while Ezdan Oasis includes six leasing offices, where two of which are under full operation while the remaining will be opened gradually.